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Lagunitas Brewing Company: A unique history

Author: James M Category: Pairings Date: 2015-08-09 18:32:55
URL: http://craftbeer.social
If you're looking for a brewery that is known for unique interpretations of traditional beer styles, then Lagunitas Brewing Company will be something you will enjoy. The packaging includes descriptive text and stories that will entertain you and your friends about the history of Lagunitas brewing company in California. In addition, it was the fifth top selling craft brewery in the US last year. This is mainly because it has had the support of beer-lovers throughout Northern California, this has helped the company grow and prosper. Furthermore, Lagunitas Brewing Company had a 72% increase, which projected $90 million in revenue.
The founder of the brewery is Tony Magee in Lagunitas, California, but it moved to Petaluma, California after they began to expand. In addition, there is some controversy surrounding the brewery because of its association with marijuana. Some of the names of the beers have alluded to this, which has led to the name being banned. The use of marijuana and 420 for marketing and smoking at parties has ended due to legal issues. One example is on Saint Patrick's Day in 2005, the California department of Alcoholic Beverage Control had to suspend Lagunitas Brewing Company operations because they had to investigate cannabis dealing among employees. There were no charges that were filed. Since 2013, Lagunitas eliminated 420 from the labels, because of the trademark claim by Sweetwater Brewing Company.
One popular name of the beer is IPA (India Pale Ale), which contains the caramel malt barley. This gives the beer the richness that many people enjoy. This is a unique twist to a classic style. It is made with forty-three different hops and sixty-five various malts. It was the company's first seasonal in 1995, and it is filled with hops and malt, which will balance your taste buds. It is considered to be a number one seller in California, and it is a combination of bitterness and hoppy which gives it a nice balance. The unique taste will suck you in, and it will make you want to have another sip without it being overwhelming.
Another popular name is the Little Sumpin' Sumpin' ale¯ which has a smooth taste, with just a hint of wheat. Furthermore, it is topped off with a strong hop finish. You will like it if you like the taste of IPA, but it appeals to people who like Hefeweizen as well. This drink goes well with fettuccini Alfredo or Chicken Tikka marsala. It is filled with every hop you can think of, and it has a signature golden-orange hue. Furthermore, it has a nice sweet aroma filled with apricots, rose petals and peaches as well as spice that comes from the hops. It isn't too bitter, so you will still be able to enjoy the taste.
Some other examples which are considered limited edition are Cappuccino Stout, which is brewed with a lot of roasted coffee. It is available in the middle of the winter, and it was available in 2010. Another beer that you will like is the Rye cocoa porter¯. This is the second beer in the Scarcity series. It has a red porter that contains rye and cocoa nibs. This is a newer beer that was introduced this year, and it has a sweet, chocolaty taste. Another flavor that is available all year round is the Lagunitas Sucks¯ brand. It is medley of wheat, rye, barley and oats. It is also dry-hopped for a strong aroma and taste. This is another great dinner-time beer, and it goes well with pork loin,Humboldt Fog and crackers.
Another Lagunitas beer that you will enjoy is the Imperial Stout that is made with highly roasted malted barley, which gives the beer a unique dark and roasty taste. There is also a unique history with this beer that includes Tsarina Catherine the second of Russia. This is in order for the beer to move from London to Russia without freezing or getting old. It still has the richness and strong taste of the original, but there is a unique, modern twist that only Lagunitas can create. Its described as having the look of thick, dark, motor oil. It is considered to be a rich beer¯ which is like a dessert beer, which goes well with a pie. Moreover, it is a medley of malts, and it can be suitable for a meal too.
Lagunitas brews in two cities, Chicago and Petaluma. The company expanded to Petaluma in 1993, and expanded to Chicago later on where it saw a lot of success. The company had a vision to not only offer great beer, but also to bring people together and socialize with them. The company would double all of its production by opening a brewery in Chicago. Magee was concerned about money and diesel emissions expanding while he was shipping beer to thirty-two states where Lagunitas was available. Therefore, he decided to open a second brewery in Chicago instead of spending all that money. It would save him lots of money, and he designed a tasting room in the center of the new brewery. It would be surrounded by the new system and fermentation tanks. Customers are able to take tours, and purchase brewery products such as key chains and t-shirts. You will also be able to try beers that are only in Chicago such as Big Star and Publican.
Another fun fact about Lagunitas is that you will be able to enjoy some live entertainment by great bands at the LaguMiniAmphitheatrette. Furthermore, you can show your love for this company by purchasing accessories, books, and even drinking vessels. Some unique drinking vessels are Mason Jars and Pint glasses that are reasonably priced. They are a great way to enjoy your favorite Lagunitas beverage. Another example is the Lagunitas Stone coasters, which are made from Marble and Cork. They are a nice touch while serving Lagunitas beer, and they will keep your furniture and counters clean too. The coasters come in various colors and styles and colors, and they will make a nice gift too. Lagunitas is more than just a brand of beer. It has a rich history, and it has been bringing family and friends together for years. hains and t-shirts. You will also be able to try beers that are only in Chicago such as Big Star and Publican.