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Mad Anthony Brewing Company releases “Out of the Box” Series 10/12

Date: October 7, 2015 URL: http://www.craftbeer.com/news/beer-release/mad-anthony-brewing-company-releases-out-of-the-box-series-1012
Mad Anthony Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of their “Out of the Box” Series, dedicated to bringing a unique mix of Mad Anthony draft beer options straight to their consumers. This series will celebrate everything from seasonal madbrew offerings, to special brewers reserve batches; all produced in short runs for optimal freshness. The first madbrew being featured in this series is their Hop Wang. Hop Wang is a wet hop double IPA brewed with fresh Chinook hop cones, grown at Hophead Farms in Michigan. The hop cones were picked the day before they brewed, giving this beer a remarkably fresh hop flavor. 7.4% ALC by VOL – 72 IBUs Hop Wang is set to hit area liquor stores and drafts on 10/12. This series will feature new packaging never before utilized by MABC. For more information, including initial “Out of the Box” Series and Hop Wang distribution visit madbrew.com. Company: Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyContact: Tiffany PryorE-mail: madmarketing@madbrew.com